Claudio Lari was born in Florence in 1983,
Founding Member of Mad Lovers (Testpressing Rec, Netswork)
Born in the early curing, for vaiuros groups in the area, arrangements of Piano and Synths.

The first Impact with the music and a massive audience of Rock Music with several facets: from Classical to Prog, passing be the Eagles to Pink Floyd


From here to become an expert synthesist, the line is fine…in fact, thanks to his Yamaha Cs2x refines meticolous skills getting any sound from a Synth he has in his head.

Then Introduce the use of Steinberg Cubase Vst 3.5 which interacts with the Lives, providing the band with whom he played, carpets and sampled effects, creating and artifact Live really interesting.

Meanwhile he comes in contact with the world of Dance Music, and with collaboration of Dario Migliorini he decides to stop playing live to devote himself to composition.

Over time, manages to build a Project Studio for Composition ( which will carry out his first single called Get Over (Sunday Remode).
Boasts of collaboration of Alice Davitti on Vocals and other great musicians who occasionally help him in the realization of the played and sung parts.

In the meantime, he get varius date through which identifies the sounds of his Dj Sets.
It outlines a declination to a first OldSchool re-interpreted which then take shape into a more progressive, but yet breathtaking House Music.

Music Lover in fully Claudio Lari is able to convey his passion to the public that listens and every evening Djing turns into a pit of people who is dancing while listening to remember when gets home, the songs that most have involved.

He has worked with Damiani Gioielli, La Perla, Gas, Affinity Cafe, Cavalli Club, Moma Club, Alhambra Beach, No Bar, Tenax, All in Parties, Glamour Fashion Club, Privilege Events, Salamanca, Exclusive Parites and others…

In 2010 he Recently appeared with Superstar Dj Mark Vox on National Radio Shows, such as MADZONE GENERATION of the wellknown Dj Paolo Zampletti, and signed for varius Label like P!ino Music and Groove Inside Records.

Actually is Resident DJs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the No Limit Disco in Florence (IT).


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