Madzone Generation – Pure House Music Radioshow Ep.1 (04/09/2010)


1) Hey Hey (John Jacobsen & Anzwer Remix) – Dennis Ferrer

2) XTC (Riva Starr Cut) – Butch

3) Commander (Chuckie & Neve Remix) – Kelly Rowland

4) Till Tonight (Chris Kaeser Remix) [feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn] – Laidback Luke

5) Joy (Hanna Hansen & David Puentez Remix) – Inaya Day & Antoine Dessante

6) Sloane – Lake & Lys

7) Oh Baby (Thomas Gold Remix) – Dero & Robbie Rivera

8) One Life (Original Mix) – Danny Dove

9) Funky Beep (Original Mix) –  Sebastien Drums, Eric G, Tom

10) Fear (Original Mix) – Mark Vox & Claudio Lari


See ya next Sat ;)


Refresh & Spreader Logic Preset

Hi again guys.

As soccer team i support for had a draw ( with ghost goal for other team  fuckzijdispxsxshitxmxoxx XD ) i decided to go into my studio and to precious my presence on the web with a special gift i’ve asked for on some forums out there.

Refresh & Spreader for Logic Studio download

On the Master Channel Strip of your Logic Studio try to add this little chain i’ve created some time ago. I use it on every track i do and could be useful to you too.

On the specifics i used all bounded Logic’s Plug-ins and starting from the first, you will find a Compressor: this is a very smooth compression, just to glue the mix you’ve done and make it a bit rough which for me is cool indeed. You can decide to bypass it or not, it’s your choice.
Then we pass on the Spreader plug in which do the big Job. You can tweak on the parameters to adjust your spread settings. For this preset i used a full band spread which it means that it will take all the frequency of the mix and will spread over the space (Left + Right), in a result of a bigger sound. It’s good if in your song you have big chords or big pad to deploy over the stereo field.
If you see it starts spreading from 20hz; Well this is a very important thing as you can decide to make your lows (Kick, Percussions, or your Bass Line) wider and smoother by leaving to 20hz or to leave them to the center, by moving the fader as up as your bass still to che center, having a more solid lows structure.

Then i processed the Channel with an Adaptive Limiter which will rise your volume up, after the spreader lowered it a bit…common trick used in these kind of works ;)
Passing over you will find a MultiMeter just to keep en eye on the spectrum and to the phase of the mix (more close to 1 less out of phase it is) . It very important to keep control on the phase as chopping mixes will destroy your work!

As final i used the glorious Channel EQ which will correct any error or unwanted frequencies on the final stage of the song.

Ok, this is all for now, i really hope you found interesting this post and feel free to comment and to ask whatever you may want to!

See ya ;)


Chart // September 2010

Well, this is a kinda complicated chart. These are all tracks which may help you out on various moments of your DJ sets. I listed some really interesting piano and vocal Songs like Laidback Luke’s ‘Till Tonight‘ – (n. style which you know came back from the cripta on 2009) – and some really groovy ones, see ‘XTC‘ by Butch – RS Cut….then i completed the scene with a total killer of dancefloors which is the Garner Mix of ‘Funky Beep‘, played by all the big out there. Don’t miss to check out also my Mix of ‘Shine your light‘ by my friend and producer Mark Vox, which can definitely let you put hands in the air playing those crazy and powerfull chords ;)

1) Funky Beep (Tristan Ganrer Mix) – Sebastien Drums vs. Tom Geiss & Eric G

2) XTC (Riva Starr Cut) – Butch

3) Till Tonight (Chris Kaeser Remix) [feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn] – Laidback Luke

4) Sloane – Lake & Lys

5) Carnevalesco (Lapsus Mix) – Dj Chus & Supernova

6) Sweet Devil – Pigi & Pirupa

7) Hey Hey (John Jacobsen & Anzwer Remix) – Dennis Ferrer

8) Smack My Bitch High (Sean Garnier Rockin’ Bootleg) – Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero & Prodigy

9) One Life (Original Mix) – Danny Dove

10) Rule the Generation (Original Mix) – Mixin Marc & Lex Da Funk

Promo Pick September 2010:

Shine Your Light (Claudio Lari Remix) – Mark Vox [feat. MJ White]


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